Tina Harris Obtains Not Guilty Verdict in First Degree Murder Case

Tina Harris Stands up for Wrongly Accused Samaritan

June 2023

This client tried to help a family member by cosigning a car for her. When she failed to pay for it, it ruined his credit. She spent months hiding the car from him so that he could not repo it and surrender it back to the dealer. The day he found the car, she got even by accusing him of threatening to stab her. It took the jury less than 15 minutes to come back with a NOT GUILTY verdict. The State's alleged victim was a shiftless freeloader, and Ms. Harris is not afraid to call 'em like she sees 'em!

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Cecil County Circuit Court

Tina Harris

Ms. Harris practices law in the areas of criminal and DUI defense. Additionally, Ms. Harris is a certified mediator for both civil and family law matters. Ms. Harris received her Bachelor of Science from Towson State University and her Juris Doctor from University of Ba...

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