Tina Harris-Amazing and passionate criminal defense attorney

Ms. Tina Harris was my criminal defense lawyer in a very complicated case of false allegations that were levied against me. The case involved many documents, witnesses, and defensive evidence exhibits that spanned a significant period of time. Throughout the case and my time as Tina's client I was frequently updated within her online portal system, as well as, in person meetings. As her knowledge of the case grew, so did her knowledge of me, as it related to my case. My experience with Tina as my attorney felt very personal. She worked extremely hard over the entire course of time that this case took. She gathered and learned all the evidence in the case. She assembled a team of expert witnesses and wrote and argued many pre-trial motions. She also worked on every aspect of the trial from opening statements, witness examination and cross, expert testimony, evidence presentation, objections, bench conferences, and finally closing arguments. Every part of her work on the case was amazing and in particular her closing arguments which were better than the state's entire case, really encompassed the time-line of events, all the evidence, expert and other witness testimony, as well as what the real truth of the matter was. Her tireless work on the case resulted in a nearly immediate acquittal of all charges against me. I can not thank her enough for all the work and effort she put into my defense. I highly recommend Ms. Tina Harris as THE criminal defense lawyer you want and need.

– John Keegan

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