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Cecil County Immigration Lawyer-Tina Harris

Tina Harris is prepared to assist you with your Cecil County Immigration case if it is related to a criminal charge.   

Non-Citizens and Criminal Charges

It has never been more important to understand the immigration consequences of a conviction when defending a non-citizen in a criminal case. The new Administration is already taking aggressive actions regarding non-citizens charged with crimes including DUI and drug cases. This is a complex area of law that creates deportation issues even if you already have a "green card". If you are a non-citizen charged with any crime, you must have competent immigration advice about how to resolve your case. Any drug offense except possession of marijuana less than 30 grams will cause non-citizen immigration issues making a person potentially deportable even if they already have a "green card".

Christina Harris-Schlecker, (Tina Harris) is an immigration lawyer to assist in providing the best defense possible outcome to avoid convictions of "Crimes of Moral Turpitude" or the more serious "Aggravated Felony" crimes. If you or a loved one are non-US citizens and have been charged with a crime, including a DUI call immigration lawyer Tina Harris. The "immigration team" of Mr. Brown and Ms. Harris-Schlecker will evaluate your situation, aggressively defend you, protect your rights and explain the immigration issues relating to a criminal conviction.

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